Frequently asked questions about Power Up?

What does Power Up do?
Power Up will enhance loin muscle, and butt muscle. They will handle more firm. The increased feed intake will add more middle and body.

How big is the scoop in the bucket?
2 oz

Is it safe for my bull, cow, breeding animals?
Yes, must still manage body condition and animal health but nothing in the product affects reproductive soundness.

What do I do if they will not eat Power Up?
Some animals will eat it without hesitation. There are a few animals that need eased on at a 1oz rate or less each feeding, mixed in well. There are a few animal’s will not eat it unfortunately. If you can drench it to the animal you will see the performance of Power Up.

Will it test?

Will Power Up effect locomotion?
Does not contain anything that should hinder locomotion.

Is the peanut butter flavor still available?
NO only Carmel

Do you feed it all the time?
Animal dependent and animal based decision, depends on performance and needs.

Does it have Ractopamine or creatine?

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