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Power Up

Looking to add Mass?

Power Up is an all-natural product made with highly bio-available sugars that will increase muscle expression and definition This supplement will also increase appetite, thus stimulating weight gain. It will not test, has zero slaughter or milk hold, and contains no Ractopamine or Creatine. Due to increased feed intake, more fill and body dimension will be seen.

  • 4 oz. feeding rate daily: 2 oz. AM and PM (2 oz. scoop included)
  • Highly palatable, sweet caramel flavor in a powder form
  • Comes in a purple bucket with a tear seal lid
  • Multi-Specie Specific Formulation:
    • Cattle, Swine, Sheep, Goat, Equine
  • Safe for all reproductive animals and all sexes
  • Can be used in animals as early as pre-weaning.
  • Available in two convenient sizes
    • 30-day supply (7.5-pound pail)
    • 100-day supply (25-pound pail)

Power Punch

Looking to replenish?

Exciting new electrolyte pack! Amazing grape flavor with a subtle purple color when mixed. Very palatable and provides energy, vitamins, minerals, and contains buffers to help with gut health. Can be used in times of dehydration or extensive performance where lost fluids need replenishing. Can be used in other health challenges. Excellent in transition times, hospital pen, weaning, or encourage hydration in times of need.

  • 2 oz dose rate mix in water 1 quart or more; or top dress on feed
  • Comes in purple packaging (bucket with lid or foil pack).
  • Available in three convenient sizes
    • 8 serving (1-pound purple packet)
    • 60 servings (7.5-pound pail)
    • 200 servings (25-pound pail)

Emergency Power

Looking to protect?

This product is a small inclusion rate product to help with stressful times and gut upsets.

Helps maintain feed intake during stressful times. Enhances starch and fiber digestion. Helps regulate and balance gut microflora and pH of ruminants. Supports the overall health and productivity of your livestock. It has proprietary live yeast cultures, immune boosters, 5 strains of probiotic bacillus, MOS, additional enzymatic microbes, and the Carmel flavor to help compliment Power Up!

  • Feed at 5-10 grams when needed
    • 5 grams as a maintenance regimen
    • 10 grams for times of extreme stress
  • Comes in purple packaging
  • Can be used when an animal is stressed, traveling, or has a digestive upset
  • Available in a 10.8 oz container


Need hot weather help?

Arctic Power has all the same great properties as Power Up but additionally helps show livestock handle heat stress by lowering the animal’s body temperature in a safe, fast and natural way. An all natural supplement that is fed at 2 oz per feeding, with a maximum of 4 oz.’s per day. It is added to the existing feed daily, mixed into feed, and can start gradually with a smaller inclusion rate to help animal adapt. It is highly palatable with a caramel flavor.

Provide adequate supply of both. Arctic Power works in both beef and dairy cattle, swine, sheep, goats and horses. Safe for all species, sexes, breeding and pregnant animals. Use Arctic Power to get added pop to the top, dimension, feed intake, and mass!

Available in 2 different sizes:

7.5 pound tub will last 1 animal 30 days

25 pound tub will last 1 animal 100 days

Arctic Power contains highly bioavailable sugars, extra vitamins, yeast culture, buffers, appetite stimulators, sweet milk aroma with a hint of caramel flavor! Feed Arctic Power or Power Up NOT both products at the same time.

Experience the Power of Purple

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